How to Make an Extra $1,000 A Week (WFH)

Odd jobs you can do from your couch

This Week: We are exploring the jobs that can make you $1,000+ in just one week. Bonus! All these jobs can be done from your couch.

Today, we’ll chat about what some of those jobs are. On Friday, I’ll share a list of available jobs that pay at least $1,000 a week that you can apply to in seconds.

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How to Make $1,000 a Week With These Work From Home // Odd Jobs

Let’s get right to the point on this Monday morning. I want to help you make some extra cash.


Because there are so many endless jobs out there and some don’t take too much time or energy. Some are fun and play into your skills that your “real job” doesn’t even care about.

Also, it’s almost the holiday season and that’s when we spend too much money and then spend too much time feeling grumpy about that.

So let’s explore 8 ways you can snag an extra $1,000 a week, working from home, and doing it in semi- odd, but legit, ways.


8 Odd Gigs That Pay $1,000 a Week

  1. Pick a Skill & Sell It

    What do I mean by that? List out 10 skills that you have and then pick ONE that you enjoy and would want to do for other people. For example, are you solid at Excel? Like designing logos? Enjoy making graphics for social media? How about processing data or crafting greeting cards?

    Pick that skill and then sell it - freelance style.

    Create a profile on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.

    Let’s say your rate is $50/hour, you’d need to book 20/hours of work to make $1,000.

    Or you can create “packages”

    If you want to do Excel training (which people need… I NEED!) You could do a 1-hour comprehensive training for $150 and book 6 clients a week to make the $1,000.

  2. Website or App Tester

    If you’re someone who has a good eye for design and functionality, an awesome gig for you would be to test out websites and apps. You could make $40/hour

    These companies will pay you every week for testing:

    • TryMyUI

    • Analysia

    • Userfeel

    • Usertesting

  3. Teach a Language

    Whether English is your go-to or you are fluent in another language, tutoring is a great way to make an extra $1,000 a week and you can do it after work hours.

    Here are some companies who will pay you for that:

  4. Sell a Course

    I’m a big fan of course creation and selling courses. Remember that skill you picked in option #1 above? You can record yourself doing a training session of you teaching that skill and sell it as a course. It’s a great way of making passive income and super easy to do.

    If you bring a ton of value to the course and price it at $249 (a common price for many courses), you’d only have to sell 4 a week to make the $1,000. A course on how to be advanced with Excel, for example, would definitely attract attention.

    You can make a course right here (it’s where I host all my courses).

  5. Survey

    If you enjoy sitting still and working with the TV on in the background, you can hustle your way to making $1,000 as a survey taker, while also binging your favorite show.

You can make $50 to $100 per survey or per day, depending on where you go. 

These survey sites dish out the big bucks:

  1. Virtual Assistant

    Consider yourself an organized person who is good at getting tasks done fast? Being a virtual assistant is an awesome WFH job that can bring in a lot of cash on a weekly basis. You can set your rate at whatever you think represents your skill level - or based on research.

    Sites to use to get started:

  2. Writing

    If you have a passion for writing or words in general, there are a lot of opportunities for you to put those skills into motion and make extra cash.

    Proofreading -

    • Flexjobs

    • Wordvice

    • EditFast

    • Scribendi

    Copywriting -


    • Transcribeme

    • Rev

    • Scribie

    • Babbletype

  3. Voice Over Artist

    Most people don’t love the sound of their own voice, but if you do and you want to get paid to use it, consider doing voice over work.

    You can easily make $1,000 by using your voice on the following websites:

    As a voiceover artist, you can make $35 to $50 per hour

    Back on Friday with jobs paying at least $1,000 a week that are looking to meet your resume!

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