Odd Jobs: Hiring This Week

The gigs available the first week of August

Odd Jobs is a newsletter about careers that don’t fit in cubicles. Too many people are miserable with their lives, jobs, and themselves. Why not do something odd and make $$$ while you’re at it? I’ve got a million ideas for you.

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It’s FRIDAY and I’m going to make Friday the day I share open jobs that you can apply to if you’re looking for a NEW (and odd-ish job).

I found these searching the internet and while they are location specific, if one pops out at you, see if there’s a similar job in your city.

Fisheries Biologist - Alaska

Salary - $4,800 - $8,100 a month

Biologists take trips typically lasting from two to ten days on vessels ranging from 40 feet to 125 feet long. Biologist log detailed information on the gear and fishing activities of the vessel. They set up a station on deck to collect catch and bycatch data as well as document interactions with marine mammals and seabirds

Apply here

Pastry Cook

Salary - $15/hour

As the Pastry Cook you are responsible for making our products for our 4 stores and wholesale customers according to the Choc O Pain standards. Your products will be a huge part of the customer experience.


  • Prepare and shape pastry products (Viennoiseries, Savory and Sweet Tarts,....)

  • Make the dough (puff pastry, brisee dough,...) and make the shells

  • Allocate and packs the products per store and customer

  • Make pastry preparation (cakes, almond cream,....)

It’s not that odd of a job, but if you love to bake - it’s a cool gig.

Apply here

Parent Coach

Salary - $70-85/hour

This one caught my attention because of the name of the gig. Turns out, you need a lot of qualifications and licenses to do the work but worth checking out if the name catches your attention.

Apply here

Site Security at Tough Mudder

The Site Security Coordinator is responsible for safeguarding valuable assets during build weeks at various events throughout the country. The Site Security Coordinator’s primary role is to work with Festival and Course Managers to ensure all equipment, event consumables, and trailers remain safe during overnight hours.

Apply here



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