Odd Jobs for Those Who Love Food

Pizza, Tacos, Hot Dogs, and more.

I tried to quit my job and work with pizza.

This was back in 2012 and I had just moved to New York City, taken a doozy of job working in PR (with a boss that was awful in 28 different ways) and wanted to quit.

Everyone who knew me in NYC knew that my diet consisted of $1 pizza slices from a corner restaurant on Lexington Avenue. This place defenitly had rats. But it also had really hot and really cheap pizza.

I couldn’t afford to eat anything else.

A friend sent me a job opening for a company that did pizza tours of NYC.

“You, Jen, could be a pizza tour guide.”

Yes, I could.

I was so desperate to quit my job calling reporters who would hang up on me the second I said my name and who I was working for (PR involves a lot of cold calls) and a job working as a pizza tour guide felt legendary.

I applied, went on an interview, and never got the job.

I still think about that gig and how someone could actually get paid to corral people around the streets of Manhattan and eat slices of pizza from all the best spots.

There are other jobs out there - just like this:

If you want to be a food tour guide, you’ll need:

-Excellent public speaking, entertaining, and people skills

-A strong knowledge of that type of food (I should have read pizza history books before my interview)

-A passion for that food (you eat it a lot and you talk about it even more).

Read more about the best food tours - and apply!

Or learn how to start your own food tour.


But if you don’t want to be a tour guide, here are a handful of other jobs (NOW HIRING!!!) that are odd, weird, and unusual in the food world.

 Director of Taco Relations

McCormick® brand announced a nationwide search for a new consulting position within the company that everyone will be taco-ing about: Director of Taco Relations!   The position is designed for anyone ready to take their love for this versatile dish to the next level by bringing together fellow aficionados from all walks of life in the name of tacos.  The position comes with a $100,000 payment, in addition to an assortment of McCormick Taco Seasoning and other McCormick products for their services. 

Apply here

Resident Head of Pizza

Slice is seeking 50 state representatives to join their P.I.E. Society — that’s the Promotion of Independents Everywhere — as their state’s resident Head of Pizza. 

They are an app that works with 16,000 independent pizzerias across the country, giving them the tools and tech they need to thrive. Now, they are looking for pizza-obsessed people who want to eat free pizza and tell stories about shops they visit.

*The perks of this job are AMAZING*

**I’m considering applying**

Apply here

Wienermobile Driver

Oscar Meyer is looking for newly-minted grads to drive its fleet of Wienermobiles.

Oscar Meyer has posted a job listing for its next batch of Hotdoggers, the intrepid young brand ambassadors who criss-cross the country in the iconic half-dozen-strong fleet of rolling frankfurters. The job is a year-long assignment that involves serving as a brand ambassador at some 200 events, so don't expect to just sit on your buns.


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