How to Make $10k a DAY as a Sleep Coach

It's more than a lullaby of a job.

This Week: We are exploring the odd careers that let you literally sleep on thee job.

While a lot of you are responsible humans who haven’t been found sleeping on the job, a lot of you seemed interested in getting paid for the simple art of sleeping.

So, let’s keep this going.

Today, we’ll chat about how you can make $10,00 a DAY as a sleep coach. On Friday I’ll share odd jobs hiring in the sleep industry.

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I found out that people make $10,000 a DAY!!! as a hired sleep coach.

I nearly spit my coffee out when I found that out. I could not wait to tell you about this. So I wrote this newsletter breaking down the odd gig of being a sleep coach.

This is the perfect job for someone who is good at sleeping and wants to help others reach that advanced level and be in a recurring relationship with their REM state.

Honestly, after reading about this gig, If I was super rich I would consider hiring a sleep coach.

I’m not a good sleeper. If my dog Goofy even moves a little bit, I instantly wake up and then can’t go back to sleep.

If I’m feeling even a little bit stressed by my own life, I will stay up the entire night and eyeball the ceiling for answers.

So would I pay $10,000 for a sleep coach (if I had millions in the bank)?

Yes. Would you?

Would you hire a sleep coach?

What is a sleep coach?

When I first saw the odd gig of “sleep coach” I thought that it must be a service for parents to use to learn how to how their babies can sleep through the night. That service does exist and is quite common.

But that is NOT what I’m talking about today.

Today, I’m talking about sleep coaches that us grown adults can hire for….ourselves.

A sleep coach works with a person to improve their sleep hygiene habits (set bedtimes, calm sleeping environments), suggests foods to eat before bed (because that sugary ice cream might be the root of your sleep problems), teaches them how to relax and breathing exercises.

Soda Kuczkowski said that sleep is the new “hustle”.

Kuczkowski, who runs a 2,000-square- foot “sleep center” called Start With Sleep charges her clients — “financial professionals, lawyers, doctors” — up to $1,100 for a four- to six-week program.

The Sleep Coach Approach

Kelly Murray, a Certified Adult Sleep Coach posts on her website that what she offers is:

“The solution for adults who’ve seemingly tried everything, but still haven’t found the answer — combining stress resilience, sleep hygiene and lifestyle rhythms, with lab testing to guide our custom-crafted coaching — to get you back to sleep.”

So what’s included in her package?

  1. Lab tests to understand your body

  2. 6 sleep coaching sessions

  3. 3-months of ongoing support

    The price? It starts at $1,250 which truly doesn’t seem like a bad price for all that you get here - if this approach works.

The $10,000 a Day Sleep Coach Approach

Sleep coach Christine Hansen charges up to $10,000 for a daylong session, including life coaching and dietary tests to determine whether sleep problems may be linked to food issues.

She told the NY Post that she works with clients who have not slept in a year.

So how did she get into this bizz and charge that much for just one day?

“Hansen got into the sleep business after spending about a decade working as a high school teacher. She got certified as a baby sleep coach, but “the more I told [adults] what I did, the more they wanted advice as well,” she says. She launched her business and wrote a book, “Sleep Like a Boss,” about two years ago.” - The NY Post

To make it big as a sleep coach, you need to work many different angles:

  1. One-to-One coaching at a higher price point so you can take on less clients

  2. Offer group coaching

  3. Sell courses that are pre-recoreded for passive income

  4. Get hired by corporate companies to do workshops (big money in doing this)

  5. Write a book, start a podcast, or have a blog

  6. Create and sell a product or gadget for sleep

  7. Offer consulting services to businesses who want data or expertise on the art of sleep

  8. Get paid by publications to write about “sleep”

  9. + at least 2 other things

That’s how you can make 6-figures as a sleep coach for adults.

The space seems a little crowded but there’s room for a superstar to enter and do something a little different than what is being offered.

The biggest question I found myself asking was:

Do you need to go to school for this?

The answer?

Technically, there is no certification process or education requirement to become a sleep coach

Ps. I’ll be back Friday with a list of jobs hiring RIGHT NOW in the sleeep industry! Stay tuned.

-Jen (odd) Glantz

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