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Odd Jobs is a newsletter about careers that don’t fit in cubicles. Too many people are miserable with their lives, jobs, and themselves. Why not do something odd and make $$$ while you’re at it? I’ve got a million ideas for you.

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85% of people are unhappy at their jobs.

I used to be one of those people.

Before I became a solopreneur (which isn’t always rainbows and butterflies), I worked a series of jobs I strongly disliked.

The stress and anxiety from those jobs impacted my health tremendously.

My first job in New York City was working as a PR associate for the kind of boss that gives you hives when he walks into the room.

I didn’t have the confidence to embrace my self-worth so I suffered and allowed myself to sit still and smile in situations where I should have just found the exit and ran.

Going to work everyday made me sick.

I worked that job for almost two years.

That’s a lot of time to be miserable.

I’d never recommend anyone quit their job without having something else lined up.

It puts a lot of pressure on a person to figure out how to pay their bills when they quit a job without a game plan.

But the problem is:

  1. People only think they can do a few jobs and that’s it. Just because you’ve spent the last 5 years in marketing, as a nurse, or a teacher does not mean that’s your “career path” forever. YOU HAVE SKILLS! Those skills apply to any industry. I help people do this constantly through personal branding. Expand yourself.

  2. People only look for jobs where their resume meets the job qualifications. Stop doing that! If you are a teacher, there are hundreds of other jobs that could hire you that have nothing to do with teaching but appreciate your skill set.

  3. People only use traditional job sites. Look other places, beside Linkedin and Indeed, for jobs.

So if you’re looking for a game plan, this newsletter is truly going to help you get one. Not only do we showcase odd careers, side hustles, and ways to start your own bizarre business, but also how to find a new odd job fast.

Find Odd Jobs Here:

There are many places you can find odd jobs - but if you’re looking for a new gig and not sure what kind of role you want, start by eyeballing some open positions here for inspiration:

  1. Gig Sites - If you’re still searching for that awesome job but want to make money on the side, consider creating a profile on a place like Taskrabbit or Upwork. Both sites help you find contract jobs or one-off gigs that use a lot of different skills you have. Let’s say you are an out of work executive assistant who is good at home organization, data entry, babysitting, and 10 other things, you can make money off all your skills using these gig sites.

  2. Odd Job Sites - Seen every job ever posted on Linkedin? Bored out of your mind? Try a website like Job Monkey or Odd Job Nation. You might get inspired by some of these job posts and plan out your new career path or you just might apply and see what happens.

  3. Virtual Assistant - An easy work-from-home job that can bring in a lot of cash is getting into the virtual assistant market. If you’re great at communication, organization, and understand a certain set of tools or platforms (that vary based on the kind of VA you want to become), you can search for gigs here that can get you moving into this career path.

  4. A Company’s website - The other place to find odd jobs is on the company’s actual website. I hire professional bridesmaids here, farmers hire people to watch their farm here, and you can become a moon influencer here. Stick with this newsletter - we’re always sharing odd jobs and where to apply for them!

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