Odd Job Alert: Lemonade Stand

When life hands you lemons, turn it into cash.

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Did you sell lemonade as a kid?

Did you spend a Saturday (or many Saturday mornings) with a foldable table, a jug of sugar water (with a few lemons in it) and a sign that said: $1 a glass?

I didn’t but I did sell stuff on the block, to neighbors and passerby.

Sometimes my own stuff (like baseball cards and Barbie dolls) and sometimes other people’s stuff.

My friend Jamie and I sold her brother’s comic books one Saturday.

That didn’t end well…for them.

We netted about $25 each.

Which for an 8-year-old was a fortune we still giggle about.

I heard about this odd job that’s truly awesome if you’re still thinking about those lemonade stand days.

The best part is, the company gives you what you need to go out there and make real, grown-up cash, off a lemonade stand.

So check this out:

Odd Job Spotlight: Bill’s Lemonade

The video is….eh, old school. But give it a watch.

What is it:

Bill’s Lemonade sells kits, supplies, and their name to you so you can go out there and sell delicious lemonade from a brand that’s recognized.

How it works:

Their process and business model is simple. They offer their name and logo to their customers to use and, in return, their customers agree to promote the Bill’s Lemonade Brand. They do not charge any royalty fees or hidden costs to our customers.

They sell you everything you need from cups to tents, supplies to machines.

It’s sort of like a business in a box.

Who is this for:

Self-starters who want to be out and about in their community. Invest in the supplies then find local sports games, events, pop-up gatherings, even weddings and ask to sell your lemonade. You’ll make some good money doing this and the more you go out there, the more cups you’ll trade for cash.

You can dive in real deep to all the details here.

How much money can you make from lemonade?

It depends.

Bill’s Lemonade offers many different packages and options. You can start off with home kits (great for small local events) or machines/stands (for you to take your lemonade game to the next level). You could even open up a storefront.

Your success in the lemonade sales game will depend on factors like:






The places I always see lemonade stands do very well are street fairs, carnivals, and sporting events.

Know your audience, find good locations, cut deals with venues, and get started.

This is the kind of odd job you can literally start tomorrow (or next week).

The cool thing is - you don’t have to go through this company to do this odd job.

You can DIY your own brand. Make it spunky and weird, unique and delicious.

Ingredient costs are low, margins are high.

Go off, be odd, and sell that lemonade!



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