Odd Jobs in the Olympics

EX: The people who mop the sweat.

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The 2021 Olympics are almost over - and so are my Odd Jobs newsletters about gigs surrounding the event.

But before we close out the week, I have one more for you.

This one is all about the odd jobs that are odd in the Olympics that you might never realized someone has to do.

Ready for these?

Let’s go:

  1. The Janitorial Staff

    If there’s one thing the Olympics has a lot of it’s SWEAT!


    Ever wonder who cleans it up?

    That’s the job of the janitorial staff. They clean the courts (indoor volleyball, basketball, etc.) so athletes don’t get injured by the slippery floors.

    “It is not the most glamorous job, but we’re on TV—and we’re in the Olympics,” elite badminton player Ainsley Richards told the Wall Street Journal in 2012, when she worked on the janitorial staff at the London Olympics.

  2. Pool Scuba Diver

    If scuba diving is your *thing* well get this, you can get paid to be a pool scuba diver for the olympics, helping retrieve items dropped in the pool and setting the cameras situated at the bottom of the pool.

  3. Ball People

    I need to do an entire newsletter about the job of ball people at the tennis games (they retrieve the tennis balls during the match).

    But imagine this job at the Olympics?

  4. Stuff Carrier

    Yes, an entire job at the Olympics is to carry the athlete’s stuff. Skill needed? Being good at lugging stuff around, not losing things, and giving just the right amount of inspiration to athletes before they compete.

  5. Lifeguard

    A lifeguard at the Olympics tells E! News, "Sometimes I even wonder why professional athletes need us, but it's really just in case something happens."

    What might happen that a professional swimmer couldn't handle?

    The lifeguard mentions cramps, heart attacks, and hitting their head at the bottom or end of the pool. Not so useless after all! Rescuing Phelps "would be pretty cool," the lifeguard says, "but he is so good I know that would never happen, as well as I hope it never happens." The lifeguard says it "would be a game changer in any of our lifeguard careers. 'I saved Phelps' (laughs) we all joke about that."



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