Odd Jobs to Make $$$ off the Olympics

Make gold without being an athlete

Odd Jobs is a newsletter about careers that don’t fit in cubicles. Too many people are miserable with their lives, jobs, and themselves. Why not do something odd and make $$$ while you’re at it? I’ve got a million ideas for you.

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Yes, it’s true. I’m too obsessed with the Olympics.

I watch it all night, I read about it all day, and I dream about what it must feel like to be so good at something you’re competing to win the title “BEST IN THE WORLD”.

I have written about how Olympians don’t necessarily get paid and often have to pay their way to the games. I even shared some of the odd jobs the athletes have to fund their lifestyles and pay their bills.

Today, I want to talk about YOU!

Now I don’t know you, but I know that there’s a big chance you’re not going to the Olympics anytime soon as an athlete (maybe I’m wrong - and if so, go win that gold!) and that made me wonder - how can anyone make money off the Olympics?

Hello, Odd Jobs!

Hello, odd jobs you can start to profit off the next Olympics.

I brainstormed five random things you could do to profit off the Olympics.

Some of these ideas are easy and play into certain skills you might have.

Some of these ideas ANYONE COULD DO.

All of these ideas could bring in 6-figures, or more, if done the right way.

Here’s what came out of my brain:

  1. Tour Guide for the Olympics

    People love a good experience and experience businesses often make a ton of cash (think: escape the room + local food tours).

    You can start a bizz where you create tours of old Olympic villages and take people to the main sites, tell the most famous stories, and top it off with local food stops along the way.

    The best part is - you can design the tours, hire local people in each city to give the tours, and run this business from your couch.

  2. Personal Branding & Social Media Consultant for Athletes

    As we talked about in Monday’s newsletter, not all athletes make money when they go to the Olympics, and their most promising way to get that cash is through endorsements.

    The #1 way to improve your endorsement rate with a brand is by having a strong personal brand and social presence. Is that something you’re good at or want to learn how to do?

    Awesome. Start an “agency” that focuses on working with Olympic athletes. Either charge a flat rate to help them or a flat rate + % of their future endorsement deals.

    Want to get better at these skills?

    Start here for personal branding + start here for social media.

  3. Podcast or Blog the Olympics

    Make something for those of us (ahem, me) who are obessed with the Olympics. Perhaps a blog (or newsletter) that features daily quick highlights and must-read stories.

    Same thing with a podcast. Make one where you pick 5 athletes and follow their Olympic journey on the show with interviews. These don’t need to be big-name athletes. People love hearing stories about anyone who is fighting for gold.

    You can make $$ through ads, affiliate links, or sponsors.

    Here’s how to start a podcast.

Any of these strike an interest with you?

The good news is you have 7-months until the winter Olympics and three years until the summer Olympics to get started on these odd jobs.

Ps. if you do any of these odd jobs from any of the newsletters, leave us a comment below and let us know. We’ll feature you in this newsletter!

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