Get Paid to Be a Friend

Make money being a good pal.

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I know it might sound odder than odd that you can get paid to be someone’s friend, but to me it’s normal.

That’s because my business, Bridesmaid for Hire, technically falls in this category.

I’ve spent the last seven years showing up at stranger’s weddings as their secretly hired bridesmaid. The most common question I get asked about this is:

“Why would anyone hire you?”

There are so many different reasons that range from people not having close friends to people getting married for unique reasons and they don’t want to involve their real friends.

When I tell people that - they immediately say:

“What! Do people really not have friends?”

Yes, really.


There’s truly nothing wrong with that.

Regardless, people are eager to meet new people and that’s extremely tough.

How do you even meet new people?

That alone is a million dollar question.

While some businesses, like the apps and friendship coaches we mentioned in Monday’s email, address that, those who want a quick fix might turn to some options below.

People can hire you to be their friend and you, the friend for hire, can actually make a lot of cash.

Let’s explore how to make that happen.

Be Someone’s Social Buddy

If you’re super friendly, love to be in situations where you don’t know anyone, and are stellar at making people feel included and comfy, you could become someone’s social buddy.

You’d take this stranger to parties or events and help them fit in, meet people, and have a good time.

The pay: $25/hour + $25 reimbursement

It’s not a bad side hustle to take on to make a little extra cash a month. (Let’s say $75 a gig x 4 gigs a month = $300. You could earn $3,600 a year just going to parties with a person. Here’s how to get started.

Get “Rented” as a Friend

Just like people “rent” me to be their bridesmaid for their wedding, there’s an entire website dedicated to people renting others to be their friend.

What the heck does that mean? is a website that allows you to rent local Friends from all over the world. You can rent a local Friend to hang out with, go to a movie or restaurant with, or someone to go with you to a party or event. Rent a friend to teach you a new skill or hobby, or to show you around an unfamiliar town.

The Pay: $10 - $50 an hour

This is also a decent side gig if you’re in between jobs and feel like you could be a really awesome friend to someone, making cash along the way. Here’s how to get started.

Become an “Online” Pal

If you’re not eager to meet anyone in person or be an IRL friend for hire, you can go the virtual route. Websites like FriendPC let you set a price for your virtual friendship and create a profile.

The Pay: You set your own rate. We saw people charging $10-$100.

Would you become a friend for hire?

Curious to hear if this is an odd job for you. Share below if you'd take the gig.

Going to set yourself up on any of these sites to become a hired friend? I’d love to know if you do. Hit reply or send me a tweet here.

I’ll be back in your inbox on Friday with open gigs in the friendship industry.



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