Get Paid to Test Odd Products

Someone out there is willing to pay for your feedback

This Week: We are exploring the ways to get paid if you like to….test things!

Today, we’ll chat about how you can make extra cash as a product tester. On Friday, I’ll share odd jobs that are hiring people, just like you, to test out products and get paid to do just that!

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Not everyone wants to learn a new skill to get a new job.

Which I completely understand.

I majored in poetry in college (that’s worthy of a major LOL moment). This meant that after I got my diploma and moved back to the Upper East Side of my parent’s house, I had to learn a ton of new skills.

  • How to build my own website and blog

  • Audience building and digital marketing

  • Public speaking and sales 101

  • PR, PR, PR!

  • Social media for business and personal branding

  • & soooo much more

If someone offered me a gig and said - Jen! You need to go back to school or take a year-long class to learn how to do the job, I’d probably decline because I’ve spent the last 10+ years learning skills and I’d like to get paid for some of things my brain already invested in understanding.

SO! This week’s odd jobs theme does not require you to get a certification or learn a new skill.

It’s perfect for people who like to try things and give feedback.


And it’s odd but it’s also an awesome way to line your pockets with money in your free time.

Wait, you can get paid to test products?

Yes, my dear friend. You can.

Product testing is the art of testing out products, websites, services, or experiences and providing feedback.

This is the perfect odd gig for…anyone.

Getting started is simple (i’ll share places to go later on in the newsletter). But if you’re wondering how it works, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Some companies are always looking to test products/services and have a budget to hire people to help do this. They work with agencies, who run different product testing websites, to get people involved.

  2. Some companies pay cash and others give gift cards.

  3. Once you pick the company or product testing website you want to work with, you’ll go through a screening process and answer questions. This will help companies decide whether or not you meet their criteria to be a tester for that product. After that, you can get matched with different companies.

  4. Payment varies by gig but can range from $5-over $500

  5. You can test all different things (websites, products, clothing, food and drinks, beauty products, and more).

I spotted product testing for underwear and Tampons and so many beauty products. The best part is….NO SKILLS ARE NEEDED! So you can get paid, test products, and be yourself as is.

I love that kind of stuff.

5 Ways to Become a Product Tester

Gathered some of the most talked about product testing sites for you to check out. I haven’t used any personally so please make sure you eyeball the details of each before signing up and sharing your personal details, okay?

Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA allows their members to test a variety of all the latest tech, gadgets, fashion accessories and more. They even give members the opportunity to mystery shop some amazing stores and fantastic restaurants all across the US. All you need to do for them is write a simple review in exchange for keeping their chosen product for free!


With Nielsen research, you help improve products and services you currently use online. The app runs in the background to help researchers understand how consumers use the internet. $10,000 is given away to users each month, so there’s plenty to go around – there’s also a sweepstakes to help you earn even more. Unfortunately, there’s no option to earn cash – all rewards are in the form of ‘gifts. There are also ‘special studies’ that provide the opportunity to earn more.

Adam recently did a few surveys with them and got sent cash money and gift cards.

Focus Group

Interesting website where you can get paid to test products virtually or in-person at a local focus group.


With Toluna, you can apply to test particular products – which you get to keep in exchange for taking the time to feel a survey about your experience with the product. Testers are chosen at random from the applications received.

User Testing’s main focus is the testing of digital products such as websites and applications. Tests will typically run for 20 minutes, and you will get paid $10 for each one through PayPal.

Interested in testing products?

Back on Friday with companies hiring product testers. Until then, spread the word. Will you?


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