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Odd Jobs is a newsletter about careers that don’t fit in cubicles. Too many people are miserable with their lives, jobs, and themselves. Why not do something odd and make $$$ while you’re at it? I’ve got a million ideas for you.

A business Idea I haven’t been able to stop thinking about, since moving to New York City 10-years-ago, involves renting stuff.

I moved to Manhattan from Florida. I had never seen snow before. I didn’t own a winter coat. I had two zip-up hoodies in my suitcase. That was my “winter game plan’.

I moved in January. When the plan landed and I stepped foot outside JFK airport, my toes touched snow for the first time.

I was frozen.

I ended up buying a winter coat at a discount store for $99 and it lasted six years.

But what about all the tourists from warm and sunny places who don’t own much more than a few long sleeves? What do they do when they take a trip someplace chilly for a week? What if they don’t want to buy a big coat that’ll take up half their closet and they will only use 2-5 times in their life (maybe)?

What about a business where you could rent other people’s coats when you arrive in their city?

It’s an odd job for sure and something this FLORIDAN always wanted to start but didn’t.

But It’s made me think…..

What other stuff could you rent?


Become a professional “stuff” renter

It’s quite easy. There are so many apps and websites out there where you can list ANYTHING! From your vacuum to your TV, baby stroller to your dog’s crate. You can becomee a power renter and make some fast and semi-easy cash.

The only big investment? Your time. Schlepping the items to people (but you charge a rental fee) and of course cleaning it (get some good supplies from The Dollar Store).

How to Get Started:

Look around you. Open up closets. Check under your bed. How about your garage? Don’t forget your kitchen pantry.

Gather stuff you’re cool with renting.

Do some searches on the websites below for popular and in-demand items and consider listing those things.

And start making money.

Imagine if you’re #1 side hustle was renting your stuff?

People will call you odd….but I would call you SERIOUSLY COOL!

Here are some (of so many) websites and apps to use:

  1. Loanables: you can rent out anything, to anyone.

  2. Friend With A: another spot to rent out anything and make (as they say) $1,000 a month

  3. Style Lend: sort of like my coat idea…a spot you can rent out things from your closet.

  4. Baby Quip: rent out all your baby stuff to people coming into town

  5. Turo - to rent out your car

  6. Neighbor - to rent out your space to someone who wants to store things

Ever done this before? Would you ever do this? Share that with us below in the comments:

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