Make $10,000+ in 2-Months - Odd Jobs

'Tis the season to make extra cash before the end of 2021.

This Week: We are exploring the odd jobs you can do in November and December that will make you $10,000+ in cash.

Today, we’ll chat about what some of those jobs are. On Friday, I’ll share a list of available jobs that are hiring for the season and pay REALLY well.

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Make $10,000 in 2-months With These Gigs

Well, look at that! We’re in November. A part of me is thrilled that 2021 is coming to an end but the other half of me is eager to find ways to bring in some more cash before I close the books on the past year.

The truth is, there are three main times of year where it’s easier to bring in money from odd jobs (at the start of the year // the summer // and RIGHT NOW!).

There are a lot of companies hiring for high-paying seasonal gigs that will last for the next 2-months only. I’ll share those on Friday.

But for today, I made you a list of ways you can make over $10,000 over the next 2-months.

Whether you’re eager to hustle or just want to get paid for sitting on your couch, I have a variety of gigs you can start doing right now to elevate your bank account.

Personal Shopper

‘Tis the season that everyone has a list of people in their life that they want to buy gifts for….but not just any gifts…meaningful gifts that say “I love you” or “I adore you” or “I spent a long time thinking about what to get you”.

The problem? Not everyone has time to source these gifts or isn’t good at picking out what people actually want or need.

I’m guilty of that. I love the people in my life but I’m crummy at figuring out what to get them.

That’s where you come in - a personal gift shopper.

You can charge $300-$400 a client and source gifts for them. You spend 90-minutes understanding each person on their gift list, then present them a list of potential options, and help them decide on the right item.

Work with 25 people and there’s your $10,000.

Plus, you can make affiliate cash on the backend (using Amazon or RewardStyle).

Holiday Decorator

Offices, restaurants, bars, event spaces, house parties, etc. people need help with holiday decor. If you’re awesome at looking at a space and being able to transform it into a winter wonderland, you could make this your seasonal odd high-paying job.

You could charge $500-$5,000 per client and source the decor and decorate.

This company does it so you could work through them or start your own local business.

House, Animal, Plant Sitter

People are planning end-of-year trips and need someone to watch their pet, house, or plants. I wrote a lot about how you can make cash doing this right here.

Create a profile on a house sitting or pet sitting website.

If you work 10 gigs a month, that each pay $500, you’ll hit that $10,000 goal by the end of the year.

Rent Your Space or Your Stuff

There’s a lot of money to be made by simply renting out your stuff to people who need that exact *thing*.

Check this post out for more details.

But you can put your home, backyard, or office up for rent this holiday season using an app like Peerspace and you can rent your “stuff” using apps like these:

  1. Loanables: you can rent out anything, to anyone.

  2. Friend With A: another spot to rent out anything and make (as they say) $1,000 a month

  3. Style Lend: sort of like my coat idea…a spot you can rent out things from your closet.

  4. Baby Quip: rent out all your baby stuff to people coming into town

  5. Turo - to rent out your car

  6. Neighbor - to rent out your space to someone who wants to store things

Freelance Help

A lot of businesses need extra help during these final months of the year. So pick a skill that you’re good at and offer it to other people’s companies as a seasonal freelancer. Let’s say you’re good at customer service, writing, social media, delivery, accounting, or just strategy - create a profile for yourself on a freelance website like Fiverr or Upwork.

Personal Chef

With all the holiday parties coming up, a lot of people will want to hire a personal chef to caterer those events. If this is something you’re skilled at, you can offer up your services for a lot of cash.

Think about it like this…

You could charge $250 for an awesome charcuterie board for an office party.

You could charge $5,000 for a catered event for an office of 50 people.

You could even charge $300 for a 4-person, in-home, cooked dinner for a person who wants a diner party.

If cooking is your thing, make the cash this holiday season.

Santa! Santa!

While you can still become a last-minute local Santa, there are so many opportunities to cash in with this seasonal gig. I’ll write about it soon - BUT a Santa can pull in over $49,000 a year with this 2-month job.

Ski Resort

If you like the cold weather and want to getaway from your current home, many ski resorts are hiring employees for many different jobs - starting now - that pay quite well. Check out some of those gigs here.

Back on Friday with seasonal jobs that pay really well.

Until then, can you share this newsletter with a pal or two? Will you?

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