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To the moon and back.

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I could not do my job this morning because I was watching people go to space.

Did any of you try to tell your boss that this morning or wish that you could?

Bet some of you had the live feed of Jeff Bezos and crew reaching zero gravity on mute as you nodded your head during an early morning Zoom call.

Bet, at least one of you, cursed out the 18-year-old guy on board out of pure jealously that it was not you.

I watched it too and thought, huh, how odd.

Not only is space tourism going to be a thing but so are opportunities around space travel.

So if you are space obsessed, which you could live on the moon, or want to get out of your cubicle and work a career that’s out of this world, let’s explore some odd outer space jobs.

The Traditional Route to Space

You could become an astronaut.

I know every kid under the age of 6 dreams of that, but you could try to go that path. You are still not guaranteed to go to space, but it could be a cool odd job if you’re passionate about the requirements.

Quick Facts About Astronaut Careers

Job Title: Astronaut
Office: On-Earth training and outer space missions
Description: Venture into space to research and explore the universe
Certifications/Education: Degree in engineering, science, or math, Must pass multiple tests
Necessary Skills: Physically fit, Military background, Intelligent
Potential Employers: Space Agency
Pay: $64,724 and $141,715 per year

Helpful Astronaut Employment Links:

Spacesuit designer

A spacesuit designer is usually a highly trained engineer with a speciality in mechanical engineering and, of course, an interest in space.

Spacesuit designers take into consideration the requirements of each specific mission and design their suits accordingly.

Love fashion? Try this.

Space lawyer

Ok, this one isn’t exactly what it sounds like. Space lawyers aren’t really lawyers in space. Instead, they take care of all the legal stuff from down on the ground.

With the future of space tourism on the horizon, they are now tasked with writing laws to protect both passengers and companies in the unpredictable world of outer space. 

Use your law degree for cool…and odd.

Educator astronaut

These are teachers and other education professionals that have been trained to fly into space like any other astronaut.

Tasked with teaching classrooms from space, the aim of these unique astronauts is to get kids passionate about careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Great for anyone who is a teacher but loves space. More here.

Space medicine

Space medicine looks at the biological, physiological and psychological effects of space flight on humans and how gravity (or lack of it) affects us.

Learn about it here.

Head to the Moon

The first civilian trip to the moon is planned for 2023 and there are 8 spots. You could apply right here for one of them. How is that a job? Think about the brand endorsements, speaking engagements, book deals and more you’d get from going to space. It’s like being on The Bachelor but…..different.


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