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Welcome to Odd Jobs Newsletter

Greetings, Weirdo!

I’m Jen Glantz and I’m glad you’re here.

I’ve been building this Odd Jobs newsletter for the past month for a handful of important reasons.

Let’s talk about the truth:

1. 85% of people are miserable at their jobs

Yep, so miserable that it makes their health, wealth, and well-being crumble. When you’re feeling horrible at a horrible job, your life feels like you’re constantly waiting on the side of the highway, with a broken down car, for roadside assistance.

I write about that here.

2. People think they can only do one job or have one career path and they are wrong about that - big time.

Here’s the good news NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE WILL TELL YOU (but I will, I will…). You do not have to do that one same job you’re doing now for the rest of your life.

Nope, not at all.

You can take those skills, rip up the resume that makes you sound like a robot, and change your entire life. We talk about that a lot right here in this newsletter.

3. There are so many people making $$$ doing unique or out of the box things

Loved stuffed animals? How about sitting on the couch? Ever want to go to the moon? Cool, cool. We never judge the odd things you love, we just empower you to make money from it and show you how.

4. I have a million bizz ideas I'll never do and I want you to do them.

All day I dream about weird business ideas. I won’t ever be able to do them all so I put them in this newsletter and show you how to do them. DO THEM! Make that side hustle or full-time cash.

The newsletter is new and so far so many people have emailed me saying they’ve started something odd and are on their way to making CASH!

5. I want you to live an awesome life.

Because you, my friend, deserve that.

You DO NOT deserve to live a miserable life.

6. You are odd (and so am I).

I even made us t-shirts!

Want one?

Share this newsletter and you may end up with a tee in your mailbox!

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