How to Make $100,000 as a Dating Sidekick

The business plan for a WingPerson

This Week: We are exploring the odd gig of being a wingwoman / wingman.

Today, we’ll chat about how you can make 6-figures as a WingPerson. I break it all down for you, my friend. On Friday I’ll share odd jobs hiring the WingPerson space.

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Today I was supposed to profile someone who was a full-time WingPerson.

The truth is, I couldn’t find anyone that would talk to me.

I put a lot of requests out there and found:

1) There weren’t a lot of people currently doing this job. So many people did the gig for years and went MIA.

2) The ones who were doing this job pivoted into matchmaking - which is a totally different odd job.

3) The few I reached out to never responded and maybe that’s because I wrote in my hello email that I wanted to showcase a breakdown of their income and profit - and reading that in your inbox is enough to drop an email from me in the spam folder.

But dear readers, I’m not one to let you down!

So instead of profiling someone, I’m going to write out how I’d make money if I became a WingWoman.

I picked my five money-making categories and listed my goal amount of money to earn for each. I even included ways to make it happen.

So if people a WingPerson is your cup of tea, go ahead and copy + paste the details below and put this business into action for yourself - or share this with a friend who would make an incredible dating sidekick!


Make 6-Figures as a WingPerson by doing this:

Having multiple streams of income is one extremely smart way to scale your business and even scale yourself (if you’re the business).

If you were going to be a WingPerson, there’s only so many people you can work with 1:1. Eventually you will burnout=exhaustion or cap out=hit your limit of how much $$ you can make based on the hours in the day you can provide this service.

So in order to make 6-figures (or more) and create a WingPerson service that becomes your full-time job, you want to think of a variety of ways to make cash.

I detailed how I’d breakdown the business below - with sample pricing.

How’d I get those numbers? I ball-parked them by doing research and also knowing the work + value that goes into each of these things. You can charge less or more.

Services: $40k

Offering your core services would be the heart of the business and what people initially come to you for. They are what would make the business go viral and get you lots of website traffic. These services require YOU - so there should be an up-charge for your time, brain, and expertise! Warning: This section requires a lot of hustle.

In-Person Dating Sidekick = $997 for 3-nights out

Dating Coaching = $275 for 1-hour of coaching

Group Coaching= $547 for 3 group coaching sessions

Dating Profile & Messaging Edits =$475 for a dating profile and message edit

Passive Income: $20k

For your business to be scalable, you need offerings that don’t require your time and attention. These are items you create once and sell constantly. This section requires way less hustle and has the potential to scale.

Courses = $247-$997

eBooks = $29.99 - $59.99

Workshop Recordings = $75-$250

External Offerings: $15k

Once you’ve built a name for yourself and established a unique brand, you might start to snag some awesome external offerings (speaking engagements, book deals and more).

Speaking engagements & company workshops= $1,250 - $5,000

Book Deal = Payment varies $5,000 - +

Advertisers and Affiliates $15k

Next, once you have your brand built, a roster of clients, and an audience - you can start making money from advertisers and affiliates. You can do sponsored posts (if you have a blog), social media content, and more. The rates would vary but if you have a solid audience, you can take on 3-5 brand deals a year to make that $15,000 in income.

Trainings: $10k

Finally, once you’re a badass WingPerson who is super well-known in the industry, you can start a training program to teach other people to do the same kind of odd job. You can charge $500-$1,000 for the program (pre-recorded so passive income win!) and take on 10-20 new students a year.

Ps. I’ll be back Friday with a list of jobs hiring RIGHT NOW in the dating industry! Stay tuned.

-Jen (odd) Glantz

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