Jen Glantz here. Welcome to the world of all things odd jobs.

When I first started Bridesmaid for Hire, in 2014, people called me a lot of different names.

Crazy, brilliant, badass, and odd.

People called me odd so many times that I thought about changing my middle name to:

Jen Odd Glantz.

But really, what they were trying to say, was:

“We don’t understand this business you are creating and we hope you don’t fail miserably or publicly.”

I ultimately ignored most people back then.

Seven-years-later, here we are.

Bridesmaid for Hire is a booming success and I, Jen Odd Glantz, am in your inbox sharing stories, tips, and behind-the-scenes breakdowns of the oddest, most unique, and ugliest jobs on this planet.

There’s a million reasons why you are here, so welcome.

We’ll explore the business models of odd jobs, odd jobs that are hiring, and even ways you can start something that’s completely our of the box.

If you’re curious about jobs they didn’t teach you about in school, interested in starting your own bizz, or just want to get something fun inside your inbox 2x a week, It’s good to have you here.

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