The Money Behind Ice Cream

Make 6-figures from selling Neapolitan

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Can you become rich selling ice cream?

Can you at least make as much as you’re making right now with your current job?

Can you become a millionaire selling chocolate peanut butter swirl cones?

The short answer:


The long answer:

Let’s not only explore how to start an ice cream business but also look at the financials involved, the overheard, and the potential profit.

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  1. If you end up starting your own ice cream bizz, you name a flavor after me? Call it the “Jen” and throw every single topping you have in theree.

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Starting an Ice Cream Store (How to + Bizz Plan + Financials)

1. Dive into the Ice Cream business

Have a clear understanding of what you’re going to need or who you will need to hire to help you get the business going.

raw materials
supply chain management

2. Identify your competitors

You need to understand the local taste and trends as well as the potential competition you might face while running your ice cream company.

What are the flavors available in your area, pricing, brands, and more?

You need to be different, or at least better than what others are doing.

3. Create the business plan

You need to plan out which flavors you will be producing, how to store them, sourcing raw materials, and packaging.

Even if you are not sure about how much to produce, you can take a rough estimate with a target number in your mind.

4. Set a budget

You don’t need a ton of cash to get started. But you do need a budget.

If you are planning for ice cream manufacturing at a larger scale, you may also have to buy a few types of equipment.

You should also print a few boxes and stickers to give your ice cream business a jump-start in terms of branding. So, think of a name for your brand here.

5. Legal and Permits

Based on your local area, you’ll need certain permits to open the ice cream shop and operate. You might also need to get a lawyer involved. Consider, too, becoming an LLC so you and your business are protected.

6. Picking Flavors

This is when you can decide on how to make your brand different, unique, and stand-out. You’ll also want to decide on ingredients, flavors, and any other twists to your business.

Want to see a example business plan and financials (spoiler alert: it’s fascinating). Grab that right here.

Starting an Ice Cream Cart or Truck Business (How to + Bizz Plan + Financials)

Similar to above, starting an ice cream truck or cart requires some key important steps. Here’s where you can read about them in detail.

  1. Assess the resources you need to start your business

  2. Decide what type of ice cream you want to sell

  3. Choose and purchase your equipment

  4. Plan your route

  5. Select your vendors and plan for inventory storage

  6. Obtain the needed permits and licenses

  7. Comply with all local health department regulations

  8. Purchase the appropriate insurance

  9. Advertise your ice cream truck business

Want to dive in even more and see how to get going on this ice cream cart or truck business? Check this article out because it has even more good stuff.

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