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Odd Jobs is a newsletter about careers that don’t fit in cubicles. Too many people are miserable with their lives, jobs, and themselves. Why not do something odd and make $$$ while you’re at it? I’ve got a million ideas for you.

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It’s FRIDAY and I’m going to make Friday the day I share open jobs that you can apply to if you’re looking for a NEW (and odd-ish job).

I found these searching the internet and while they are location specific, if one pops out at you, see if there’s a similar job in your city.

  1. Travel Counselor

    Great if you like: TRAVEL! Being a mentor to teens! Are super friendly and personable!

    Details: Travel For Teens is looking for qualified candidates to be Trip Directors and Counselors for programs throughout South Africa and Tanzania. Potential program leaders must be over 21 years old and able to commit to at least two summers. Successful candidates are reliable, passionate about travel and different cultures, and have experience working with teens. All staff must attend a mandatory training at our headquarters either May 29-31 in the United States (Philadelphia) or May 14-17 in Europe (Budapest).

  2. Stagehand

    Great if you like: To lift heavy things, a little travel, and the chaos of events

    Details: MDM Entertainment, a popular event production company, is looking for personable and detail-oriented individuals to join our team Part Time as Stagehands.

    No experience needed, training is provided, and you will work alongside experienced techs at the events. Any experience or education in technical fields, event set up, event work, driving/delivery, warehouse work a plus!

  3. YouTube Producer

    Great if you like: Videos! Content! Producing

    *Not super odd but perhaps an interesting job*

    Details: The New York Post video team is seeking an editor/producer to create compelling, shareable videos on YouTube. Need proven ability to work with on-air talent and develop their camera presence. Given remote realities, must have experience directing, producing and recording subjects via Skype / Zoom etc. Must be able to script videos, research topics, shoot and edit in order to create compelling content from soup-to-nuts.

  4. Pizza Maker

    Great if you like: Pizza! Cooking! Being behind-the-scenes

    Details: PIZZA MAKERS: Must have experience hand stretching. You will be asked to stretch before you interview. Great work environment inside Three Odd Guys Brewing, with solid pay.

  5. Cook for Kids

    Great if you like: Cooking! Kids! Cooking for Kids!

    Details: Looking for someone to come in M-Friday at 4:00, cook a dinner for my 11-year-old (picky eater), possibly do a little grocery shopping or errands, clean the kitchen of the house, and help my daughter take care of her cat. Very easy and she is funny.



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