Odd Job Idea: Sell Food

One Dorito = $20,000

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WARNING: This newsletter might make you hungry and furious at the same time.

Here’s why.

I’m always on the hunt for odd ideas or businesses. I’ve got your back with this newsletter and I take that gig seriously.

Which is why when I came across this tidbit of info. in The Hustle’s newsletter yesterday, I was jumping for joy with eagerness to share it with you.

You can sell food.


But no, not all food.

Weird food.

Food shaped like famous people.

For example, a 13-year-old girl recently found a puffy Dorito in her bag and posted it on eBay. Bids went as high as $100,000. She ultimately took a $15,000 payout from Doritos and called it a win.

But she’s not alone.

Here are other stories of people who sold food for a lot of cash.

WAIT! Don’t eat that, sell that.

Here are some stories of big money made from odd looking snacks.

Rare Cheetos Including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Jordan look-alikes.

$28k grilled cheese that looked like Virgin Mary

~$100k chicken nugget resembling an “Among Us” character

cinnamon bun that looked like Mother Teresa. The bun was discovered at a Tennessee cafe in 1996. The cafe reportedly sold “Nun Bun” merch and kept it on display until it was stolen 9 years later.

What if you can’t find any fancy food?

Keep your eyes open.

Maybe you’ll never find a food that you can sell for cash, but it teaches you THREE major lessons.

  1. Look for the odd. To find the odd, stop looking down at your phone all the time. Look outside, look up, look down. Look everywhere. Good ideas pass you by constantly. You just don’t see them.

  2. You can make a lot of money from things that you think are weird but other people think are cool or collectible.

  3. How can you apply this kind of demand for odd looking food to another industry? Could that be a viral sensation too?

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