Odd Jobs for People Who Love Stuffed Animals

Yes, these gigs actually exist.

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When I was a kid, I sold anything I could to my neighbors.

I set up a table, grabbed random items from my house (without people’s permission) and offered them up at a reasonable price.

I’d often make $25 on a Saturday afternoon (and then have to explain to my mom why five forks and other household items were missing).

I loved the thrill of people young and being an entrepreneur.

Years ago, when I was dating my now husband, we took a stroll around Brooklyn.

We ran into these two kids with a table outside their house. Young entrepreneurs. I got giddy walking toward their table eager to see the products they were selling, their sales pitch, and their negotiation skills.

“We’re a hospital for stuffed animals,” they said as I arrived.


I needed to learn more about this odd job. Was it real? Was it profitable? Why didn’t I think of this 26-years ago when I was their age?

The idea was simple:

People would bring them their stuffed animals and for a flat rate of $10 they’d patch any holes, spruce up any missing hair or fur, and add fun stickers to cover up any stains.

I was speechless.

I think about stuffed animals once a week.

And because of those kids, who I hope make millions of dollars with their odd ideas, I wanted to share some ODD JOBS I found for people who love stuffed animals.

Teddy-Bear Repair Technician

Teddy specialists Build-A-Bear hire soft-toy surgeons to sew limbs and eyes back onto injured teddies. Sort of like what those kids were doing on the sidewalk, except get hired by a corporate company to do it. Check out Build-A-Bear jobs here.

Work for a Stuffed Animal Company

You can snag a job as a toy designer or take your skill-set (accounting marketing, project management, etc.) and get a gig at a company that makes these toys. Imagine an office filled with stuffed animals? What about the perk of getting unlimited stuffed animals for free?

Check out: Budsies

Design Stuffed Animals *DREAM ODD JOB!*

Design plush toys or stuffed animals. Check out current job openings at Squishables.

“The Squishable Product Designer is responsible for creating plush, toy, and lifestyle product ideas for an active art department at Squishable, a leading designer of plush toys and accessories.”

Pay is $35,000 - $45,000

Work at a Teddy Bear Company

This teddy bear company is currently hiring so many roles from HR to a tour guide. It seems like an awesome spot to work if you want to get into the stuffed animal industry.

Entry-Level Opps

If you just like being around stuffed animals, want an entry-level job in the industry, or curious how the industry works because one day you want to start your own stuffed animal company, consider working in a store like Build-a-Bear or Squishables.



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